Back in the game

So, I haven’t updated since April. I’m sorry. I do actually have several entries that I started writing – they just seemed to peter out and I ran out of oomph.


What’s been going on? I hear you ask. Well, several things actually.


I have been very ill. Over summer, my legs stopped cooperating (thank you spine) and so I was basically immobile for the longest time because even just walking around my house would send my legs and ankles into unbearable cramps and spasms. It got better, I found some insoles that really helped and I rested like crazy. This did not aid my weightloss, unfortunately. I’ve started walking again… and now my back and legs are complaining once more. I would say I just can’t win, but I’m trying to be more optimistic – and my lovely GP is sending me back to the spinal surgeons.


I also discovered several amazing, life changing things. Firstly, I started volunteering with Dartmoor Hill Ponies on their Wild to Wonderful Program ( and it turns out I am becoming rapidly more and more obsessed with these wonderful Ponies. Their genetics are amazing – far from the ‘mutts’ they had been derided as, testing by the University of Aberystwyth has concluded that actually, these Hill Ponies (not to be confuses with Dartmoor Ponies, the ‘Hill’ is the important bit) there a unique genetic heritage that enables their survival on the moor, no matter what shape or colour they are. How brilliant is that?!

Anyway, I have been helping out with training them when I can, and it turns out that actually, it is something I am rather good at. Unfortunately I am bound by the restrictions of my own body, but it’s good for the soul to be there.


This brings me onto my second discovery. A woman comes and helps out and does something called Equine Touch – I admit, I thought it was going to be just another one of these pseudoscience voodoo things and internally yawned; right up until I saw her working on one wild pony and then the entire rest of the barn of ponies also fell asleep!!! Consider me well back in my box and educated – I am converted, I NEED this skillset. I have begun training myself and am delighted to say that this is something I can do around my disabilities!! To become fully trained takes about three years, so I need to be patient (and keep scraping pennies together), but finally, work I can do to the beat of my own drum and around my body’s needs. I am loathed to be dependant on handouts – I just can’t work full-time, my various illnesses will not allow for that. So, I am hoping I will through this be able to realise my ambitions and become an independent business woman!


That’s all for now, I leave you with a picture of one of the most gorgeous Hillies I have had the privilege of working with, Prince. He even loaded backwards into his trailer by the time I was done with him 😆