About Arina

Curious about the world, Arinarayne has a unique perspective and insight due to her atypical neurology. Being autistic means many things in her life to not present in the usual way, with often hilarious consequences. Using Art, she tries to express how she sees the world, tries to connect and engage meaningfully with her surroundings. She has been described as opinionated and bossy; she thinks this is a compliment. She will also be talking about her take on politics, the world in general and is an unapologetic feminist.

When writing about battles with mental health, if it makes you laugh, good. Dry, gallows humour are one of Arinarayne’s hallmarks, she wants you to have fun. Except when she doesn’t, but that will be abundantly clear. She will also express things that anger her, make her fear – this is another way she wants to interact with her surroundings. Oh, and, important, she has a Chihuahua called Loki and is owned by two cats.

All views represented are her own and once in blog she will revert back to first person. This just seemed more… fitting for an introduction somehow.