Wow, it’s been a while…

I’ll admit it. I let this go dormant. I also didn’t start the youtube thing – that petered out rather quickly. It is still on my bucket list, I just haven’t managed to work out all the details in terms of tech and quite frankly, content that’s interesting enough yet either.

Meanwhile, I’ve been away, I’ve travelled, I’ve had adventures – I’ve been hospitalised with varying things. Everything has a price. Life is, as always a mixed bag. I’m determined to get back into blogging more, to resurrect this site and keep it going – let’s see how long I last this time! In the meantime, here are the three most important people in my life, in no particular order: Loki the Chihuahua, Merryn the Collie and Coco the Hillie. fullsizeoutput_2e85

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